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GP Online Services allow you to access a number of services from your PC, tablet or mobile phone, these include; booking and cancelling appointments, ordering repeat prescriptions and viewing parts of your medical record such as test results, vaccination history and previous illnesses.

There are a number of advantages to patients being able to access their clinical record online; Online services will allow you to book and cancel appointments or request repeat prescriptions at a time that is convenient to you – day or night. It can also mean not having to travel to the surgery and can free up phone lines for people without access to a computer.
Having access to records means, that you could be more in control of your health and well-being. This is particularly helpful for people who live with a long-term condition - such as diabetes - that needs regular monitoring and frequent prescriptions.  It also means that you can access it from anywhere in the world should you require medical treatment on holiday.

Accessing your medical records online and requesting prescriptions.

You can now view your medical record online by registering for GP online services.  You can see information in your medical history, view your blood results and vaccination status and order your repeat prescriptions easily and safely.

In order to register for online access to your medical record you must;

  • Be aged 16 or over
  • Read the information below carefully

How to register

If you wish to apply for Online Services please read carefully the patient information leaflet below. 

You will need to have your own email address, and for data security reasons we will need to confirm your identity with your registration. 

You will need to complete a registration form, either in surgery or you can print and complete the registration form (below) and bring it to reception along with your photo ID.

There are a number of different website providers available for viewing your medical record;

The NHSApp is the best way to enable access to your medical record, you can also view your Covid pass and other useful information. Please click here for more details.

Your medical record online

At this stage, information available includes medication, allergies and all coded data such as diagnoses, procedures, immunisations and blood results but will not include any free text added to consultation notes.

Any requests for access to the medical record online will need to be reviewed for suitability by a GP, and for new patient registrations this will be after the records from the previous practice have been received.

For the vast majority of patients there will be no reason to limit access to the record but for some people viewing sensitive information may be distressing and in these cases a GP may decide that granting access would cause the patient harm.

Should this apply to you, your GP will of course discuss this with you.

Remember, it is your responsibility to keep your information safe, and although it is your choice whether to share login details with a family member or carer, please think very carefully before doing so - as more of the record becomes available online there may be things that you would rather keep private.

If you do share your login details but then change your mind, please let the surgery know and we will reset your account.

Booking appointments online

Certain types of appointments with our nurses are available to book online, via your online services account.

Appointments bookable online;

Blood tests, Cervical smear tests, Asthma reviews

Help and support for Online Access

Newquay Health Centre is not responsible for any of the websites that provide Patient facing services therefore we are limited in the ways we can help should you have difficulty using them.  For this reason we recommend that if you are not comfortable using the internet, you should not sign up for online services.

When registering, please ensure your email address is recorded and that you set up your security questions as this can be used to reset your password or login ID should you forget it.

Please note; for data security reasons each user must register with a unique email address. ie not a shared email (such as husband and wife) 

Also, more than one person sharing the same email address will cause problems with registering and resetting passwords etc. 

The Online Services websites are not managed by Newquay Health Centre so if you need technical assistance you should contact the support services for that particular website directly.

General Information regarding Online Access to the Medical Record